Layer One is a solutions partner for distributors, manufacturers, and related verticals, operating wholly in the US. We've evolved over the last two decades from a traditional agency to experts in the digital ecosystem solving the unique obstacles companies face with their e-commerce and PIM optimization. We truly partner with our clients leveraging our innovative approach and versatile team of thought leaders to drive results.
Layer One equals outcomes.

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At Layer One, we believe all good things start with a strong relationship. Working with our clients on an ongoing basis to understand their values and goals is the start of a strong relationship. Working hand-in-hand to deliver on a platform that aligns to these values and reaches these goals builds trust and strength. Our 9.6 Net Promoter Score (NPS) average is a testament to this relationship and collaboration.

Data Driven

Data Driven

What's working and what's not? How do we know? Both our internal operations and external work with clients leverages strong use of data. We use data to understand everything from our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to the efficacy of our delivery team. Success is in the details; using data helps us pinpoint and see these details more clearly.



Layer One is a learning organization and we are never happy with the status-quo. Our approach to growth uses a central concept of iterations, that is, small blocks of time by which we expect and evaluate results. In this way, we contain risk, understand progress and align expectations.

No Bullshit


We don't mix words. If we say we are going to do something, we do it. Honesty is one of our core values and we bring that to bear in every interaction. No fluff or buzzwords, just a straightforward approach to helping one another be our best.

Technical Experts


Layer One has a team of experts with deep technical experience. We made a choice to hire talented software developers, not agency "configurators." This has allowed us to build extremely reliable, high-performance marketing platforms for our clients.



Layer One uses a delivery technique based on fluid communication and delivery. Our clients see working product delivered regularly by a dedicated team. We are open and honest about timelines, ideas and deliverables.


Recent Clients


Our strategic vision, UX, and experienced technology leaders combine to yield consistent results, everyday. Below is a small sample of the value we create. 

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PVF Distributor eCommerce Success

Recognized nationally as a leader in the industry, First Supply was originally incorporated in 1897 and has evolved into the single source supplier that most Midwestern contractors rely on for plumbing, HVAC, municipal, waterworks, well & septic, builder PVF, and industrial supplies. They understood that their eCommerce and digital strategy would be paramount to continuing their legacy.

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Scalable PIM Solution

Jacuzzi is the world leader in hot tub and spa manufacturing, whose digital presence is a primary source of success. Jacuzzi continues to grow its product lines and presence across 15+ brands and 45 countries. The company’s revenue has grown 2x in the last 4 years. The need to manage product data correctly has never been more important. 

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Global Multi-Brand Sitecore DXP

Nidec is a global manufacturer of recognized brands like U.S. MOTORS, Leroy-Somer, Control Techniques, and Kato Engineering. Part of the company’s growth strategy involves acquiring powerful brands like these. But this approach also requires onboarding an ever-expanding line to a single web platform.

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The Granite Group Logo

Sitecore Content & Commerce

Ranked as one of the top 40 Plumbing, Heating and PVF Wholesale Distributors in the United States, The Granite Group looked to Layer One to create a world-class content and commerce experience for their clients.

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The Granite Group Work Image

Doubling Lead Generation and Increasing Sales by the Millions

Jacuzzi is the world leader in hot tub and spa manufacturing, whose digital presence is a primary source for generating leads. They rely on iterative testing to track and improve their strategies and resulting metrics. But without a reliably performing website, that becomes impossible. By moving to work with Layer One, Jacuzzi doubled its lead generation and helped its network of dealers reap a multi-million-dollar revenue increase.

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Umbraco Site and Netsuite integration

DWS is leading distributor of weighing and measuring equipment and is regarded as one of North America’s highest certified service and repair companies.  For over a decade, Layer One has built and maintained the marketing technology that has resulted in DWS's continued growth.

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Advicent scalable solution on Sitecore

Advicent's Naviplan product is the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing the world’s largest financial institutions.  Layer One helps them deliver their brand to the world!

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