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Platform choice is everything. Whether you have an internal team or not, someone better be asking the right questions. What are the key business requirements? What's your organizational workflow? What are the process dependencies? What are your long term goals? Where's the strategy? Who's assuring your maximum business value in the platform recommendation?


Layer One Media has a team of B2B specialists to drive a platform selection process that identifies the perfect solution over a range of complex current and future business requirements. For many, a platform as robust as Sitecore is the answer. If this is for you, be assured that we'll stand with you through launch and beyond.


The first steps toward success starts with understanding your business goals, knowing what truly motivates your customers.  From there engaging our UX and business strategist teams early to achieve the ultimate user experience that aligns with these motivations

Getting agreement on your company's business goals is a crucial first step that we schedule an entire workshop around. While your company must have a strong value propostion - a solid offer upon which it delivers - the real motivator is personal value. Will your customer's decision to purchase fulfill the basic human need to succeed and have a pleasant experience doing so? Layer One is here to ensure the answer to that is "Yes!"


Design isn't composition, colors, textures, and logos. Design is emotion, personality and brand promise. User experience isn't just architecture and navigation. We use design to humanize our clients' digital space. We welcome and guide customers, users, and visitors to an experience that personally resonates. Our design approach also delivers content that's easily scanned and keeps the reader engaged and moving toward conversion.


Sitecore is one of the most powerful web experience platforms available. It's more than just a website, it's a website experience with purpose. It can handle the Website, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, CRM integrations and just about anything else through open customization. We'll help you arrive at the perfect solution for your business - no matter which platform it turns out to be.


Newer versions of Sitecore support a more flexible provider-based architecture, abstracting the interface between Sitecore and search engine, eCommerce and media platforms to allow different platforms to be swapped in. If your organization has already invested in an existing such platform, this architecture would support a more streamlined integration with Sitecore.


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