inRiver - Certified Partner

As a certified inriver Partner, we will enable your organization to provide rich and consistent high-quality information on your products, across all your market channels, for a great customer experience and to simply sell more. Product Information Management (PIM) provides a business-friendly user interface that easily allows users to onboard and enrich information and assets, then quickly publish out and audit them across each end point. Our experienced inriver development team can help you along your PIM journey.


Our certified inriver development team helps you understand PIM and power the full product journey across the following four focus areas :

  • Onboarding - - Product data lives in many different silos across your organization. Data can also come from your suppliers. It’s a real headache to manage. Inriver simplifies the process to onboard data from any source and establish a single source of truth for your product content.
  • Creation - Great product experiences must be tailored to your buyer. Well designed taxonomies along with enriched product content with text, images, videos, and more to drive conversions and offer a complete product story. Inriver enables you to bring your products to life by creating content that’s relevant, contextual, and optimized.
  • Distribution -Working in an omnichannel world can make sharing your product stories more challenging. Even more so, when you have a complex “go to market” strategy in place. Inriver streamlines the delivery process, making it quicker for you to reach your buyers across all your channels.
  • Evaluation -Omnichannel e-commerce requires you to be on a growing number of different retail platforms, but a one-way push of PIM data is not enough to ensure success. With inriver, you have the data-driven feedback on product performance and the tools that allow you to react quickly and at scale.


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