Headless Content Management and Visitor Analysis with Sitecore

Start: 3/10/20207:00 PM
End: 3/10/20208:30 PM



More and more organizations are trying to understand their users. As users begin to utilize the same applications across the web, mobile, voice, and other technologies, it is going to be more and more important to understand how they are utilizing our offerings and personalize the experiences they have. Sitecore is a Content Management System rooted in .NET technologies that supports this story. Phil Busch from Layer One will be giving a technical presentation on what modern CMS development looks like with Sitecore. He’ll be speaking about:

  • What Sitecore is, and who should use it
  • An overview of Sitecore’s architecture and development workflows
  • Developing a modern headless front end using React and Sitecore JavaScript Services

Speaker: Phil Busch Phil Busch is a Software Delivery Team Lead at Layer One, a Marketing Technology company and Digital Agency based in downtown Milwaukee. He has nearly a decade of experience delivering software across a variety of tech stacks and enabling developers to learn and grow. He’s worked on everything from IBM mainframe to .NET core microservices.


Layer One Media, 623 W Vliet St · Milwaukee, WI
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