Layer One Releases Sitecore PowerBI Connector

Jan 12,2021

It's your data, why not use it? Wouldn't it be nice to drill down to the actual users visiting as the result of a campaign? Now you can...


Layer One is proud to announce their new Sitecore PowerBI Connector.  Seamlessly connect Microsoft’s PowerBI to your Sitecore Experience data allowing you to fluidly explore visitor data. Layer One’s Sitecore PowerBI connector gives you access to the following Experience Database (xDB) entities:

  • Visits Contacts (both anonymous and known visitors)
  • Channel activity
  • Visit Outcomes
  • Campaign activity
  • Visitor Location
  • Contact PII (if granted)
  • Referral information
  • Pageviews


In addition to just simple access to these entities, Layer One has built this connector in such a way that the relationships between each entity is known and navigable. That is, want to see the pages viewed during a specific visit? Simply click through to the data. Interested in who the visitors were (assuming known contacts)? Simply click into the visitor detail. This is all accomplished using a Sitecore package that installs a secure API and the PowerBI (desktop) report containing example reports and custom functionality. Some of these custom functions include:

  • Drill through to contact details
  • Limited data retrieval (last N days)
  • Secure access with readonly data
  • Automatic retrieval of multiple pages of data
  • Conversion of Sitecore ID’s into names
  • Parameters allow for additional OData fields

To schedule a demo, please contact: Brody Buss, Layer One Media, 414-224-0368,  Founded in 2000, Layer One Media is a Digital Agency that helps B2B Manufacturers, Distributors and Professional Services succeed in today’s marketplace. We redefine our client’s marketing trajectory to activate and build meaningful connections with customers. Accordingly, we believe the end game is not launch. Rather, the beginning of an enlightened marketing automation program aimed at delivering high quality leads and greater sales. 

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