Albrecht appointed CEO at Layer One Media

Apr 27,2018

"He understands business growth, go-to-marketing strategy, and customer satisfaction."

Layer One Media announces the addition of Chad Albrecht as its Chief Executive Officer. He has successfully led Centare as its President and CEO as well as Growth Forge Consulting as Partner and CTO.

"Strong delivery teams comes from strong cultures," says Albrecht, "that's why I focus on overall team fitness, continuous improvement and a solid sense of purpose and culture."

Albrecht also makes the point that, "Good implementation is always critical, but it needs to be on the client's terms so they can maximize the value of their investment. A focus on co-piloting projects with our clients, training to empower the client, and continued marketing optimization is where we're going. That's where our clients need us."

Brody Buss, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer says, "Chad understands business growth, go-to-market strategy, and customer satisfaction in a way that few technically minded leaders can hope to, and he's got a proven track record of maximizing growth for clients." Buss continues, "He's joining a space that is ripe for breaking the old digital agency mold. The convergence of agile business and technology implementation is here. Our buyers are smart today; they want to be a part of the process."

Founded in 2000, Layer One Media is a Digital Agency that redefines our client’s marketing trajectory to activate and build meaningful connections with customers.

Accordingly, we believe the end game is not launch. Rather, the beginning of an enlightened marketing automation program aimed at delivering high quality leads and greater sales.

For additional questions or to learn more about Layer One Media call Chad Albrecht at 414-224-0368.

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