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Actionable Digital Strategy playbooks for Manufacturers and Distributors

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Layer One - Vice President of eCommerce

Whitepaper: Five key steps when building your Digital playbooks

Whitepaper Available: Download Now

Initiatives in the playbook take into account corporate objectives, customer business drivers, culture, organization, process, capabilities and technology factors. The playbook initiatives are supported by metrics, execution timelines, costs, risks and resources.  

The methodology covered in this document provides a unique approach to creating the playbook by inspiring a cross-functional team to develop innovative ideas creating growth and addressing competitive threats. It can be used to develop your longer term strategic plans as well as address short term tactical needs. 

What's included:

  • Learn how to align corporate objectives, customer business drivers and cross functional silos.
  • Understand how to educate stakeholders on what's emerging within the digital ecosystem and within your industry.
  • See sample quadrants to identify gaps that prevent many organizations from moving from the current state to future state – including culture, environment, process, and technology.
  • Learn what's included in a 3-5 Year Roadmap of phased Digital initiatives that move you to the future state with timeframes, benefits, estimates and measurable metrics.

Whitepaper Available: Download Now

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