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Thursday, July 07, 2016
Layer One - Vice President of Marketing

Salesforce’s Pardot recently rolled out a new platform feature - The Engagement Studio. In addition to being more visually pleasing and user friendly, Marketers using the platform will get much better insights into each step of the customer journey… and it can all be viewed in one spot. In the past, Marketer’s had to create a segment and hook that into drip program. These programs could only do so much out of the box, like identify if an e-mail was opened or if ANY link in the e-mail was clicked. To get more specific and direct action, Drip Campaigns either had to use automation rules or dump contacts into a new list and then repeat the process.

“As someone who has used Eloqua in the past, one of its best features was the campaign canvas, which put users at ease for creating complex campaigns. Pardot now has a feature that rivals this and pushes the envelope for Automation work.”

Getting more into the details, there are now three types of filters you can use in the Engagement Studio:

  • Trigger: Similar to the open and click features in Drip Programs, but Engagement Studio now offers a lot more options including form/landing page completion, specific links clicked, grades changing, etc.
  • Actions: Send an e-mail like you did in the Drip Program but again, a lot more options including changing a prospect field value, adjusting a score or moving them to another step in the process.
  • Rule: Push prospects through your programs based on certain attributes. Are they an engineer vs a buyer? Send them down a separate path, but in the same program.
  • Scores: See the number of each prospect in each step. More importantly, identify where they are dropping off and where your message needs improvement.

Finally - one of the coolest features is that you can test the customer journey or demo it for sales and marketing users. The best nurture programs let the customer/prospect determine the route he/she goes down. Preview that in real time with this new function. If you haven’t already, this feature is worthwhile to check out!

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