SUGCON EU 2017 - Day 2

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Layer One - Technical Lead

It was very exciting to see how far Stephen Pope has come already to now release v2.0 of the Sitecore Publish Service built on .NET Core. It is now to the point that the recommendation from Sitecore is to add it to ANY Sitecore instance! I've downloaded it already and can't wait to dive in!

Stegano Tempesta then delivered an excellent presentation on Optimising Sitecore Sites with Azure Redis Cache and Machine Learning.

While I am sure many of the speakers and their presentations are likely shared or published on the internet somewhere (or soon will be), the greatest value came from the excitement of seeing it live, in person. Everything exponentially increases the ability to connect with them and discuss, brainstorm, and if time would have allowed even the invitation to do a "hackathon", which I would still love to do!

Then I was excited to see the innovation happening in the Sitecore Commerce Overview by Thomas Moller Jensen. We are very excited about the platform, the capabilities, the roadmap and Sitecore's ability to innovate on the product. Plus it's built with .NET Core. 😀  The eCommerce flow kept rolling with Willem Haring & Erwin Werkman's excellent How to Start Selling Product with Sitecore.

Alex Shyba and Adam Weber stole the show though! With their demo of JSS and SiteFlix! The ability to build complete sites with nothing but JavaScript! Utilizing pure JavaScript frameworks like React (and Angular is on the roadmap). The fact that it will be released this summer into private beta is extremely exciting! Can you imagine the Sitecore Experience Platform built "completely" with these capabilities. The innovation across the entire platform would only grow exponentially.

Then Jeppe Grue and Pieter Brinkman brought the amazing event to a close. Jeppe delivering The Sitecore Philosophy and how everything they do is always tied to what the community needs.

In closing and in my humble opinion, it really brings to light the innovation that is now capable at an astronomical rate not only from the pure Sitecore platform, but then when you combine it with the explosive innovation coming from all the major vendors - Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, and I am sure just about everyone is building some form of either "machine learning/artificial intelligence frameworks or at least utilizing one of these frameworks to build highly intelligent, contextual experiences that deliver even greater business value to their customers.

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