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Sitecore Commerce Accelerator leverages Sitecore Commerce

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Layer One - Technical Lead

Sitecore Commerce is ready for manufacturers and distributors

We've pre-built the features most B2Bs are looking for:

  1. Multi-Featured Homepage and search
  2. Multiple Payment Processing Options
  3. Welcome and View Personalization
  4. Product Category, Listing and Detail
  5. Cross-Sell, Up-Sell products
  6. Locators - Location and Distributor
  7. My Account and Delegated Administration
  8. Shipping Options - drop, split, carriers, and terms
  9. Ship with Group Processing
  10. Multiple Payment Processing Options
  11. Order Header and Item Details Pages
  12. Order Exception Requests (i.e., cancellation, change)
  13. Discount Pricing
  14. And much more

Reserve time for your demo with our team today! Sitecore Commerce uses the same pipeline model as the Sitecore Experience Platform for extensibility whilst the new Sitecore Engine also exposes a plugin interface to extend the capabilities of the promotions, pricing and orders sub systems. There is always a way to get data into Sitecore Commerce and to push it into external systems whether that be through a Web API, FTP server, database or even a CSV file so you can connect your ERP, CRM, logistics systems to your ecommerce application.

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