Screencast - Triggering Marketing Automation Campaigns

Friday, January 08, 2021
Layer One - Team Lead - Andrew Schwabe

Sitecore's Marketing Automation tools open the door to personalizing engagement with your customers. In this screencast you will see just how easy it is to get started.

Transcript Hi everyone, it's Andrew Schwabe here at Layer One. I hope you're doing well today. I have a quick demo for you on setting up a goal in triggering a marketing automation campaign, so let's jump in. First things first, we need to log in as a Sitecore admin. After that, let's find marketing control panel on the dashboard and select that. Once the marketing control panels open, you'll see that there is a list of goals. Given that we have a new use case, we want to add a new goal. So I'm going to right click on goals insert a goal. For our use case today we've got a contact US form that we want to trigger goal and send a follow up email so. I want to name ours contact us. Once this piece is like or content has been added, we need to now do something with it. Typically it's a publish. In the case of a goal here, it's actually called the deploy. So under the review tab you'll see a deploy button. Once we click that, it's going to ask us for a comment. I'm going to put "initial" in here. So what's going on here is Sitecore knows that this goal is going to be long standing, and it may change through time. The deployment process here keeps track of the history of how this goal has changed through time. That's why we put our comment in there. So now with it deployed we can start using this goal throughout the site. So the first thing I want to do is I want to navigate to my contact us form. Once on my contact us form. When the user clicks submit is when I want to trigger this goal, so I'm going to select the submit button. Scroll down to submit actions and I'm going to add a new submit action called trigger goal. A new window will pop up for you. It'll look very similar to where we just were in the control panel with goals and then we have our contact us goal. We're going to click OK. In the case here, I don't like the order of these, so I'm going to move trigger goal up one so it happens before we redirect to the new page. I'm going to select select apply and save. So now, every form fill will trigger this goal. We want to set up our marketing automation campaign to start listening to it. So back to the dashboard. We're going to go to marketing automation. I already have a campaign set up for this purpose. I'm going to select it. This campaign is nothing special, it just adds a user to the list and sends an email. So in order to start listening to that, contact us goal. We just set up. I'm going to select the filter here. A little slide out panel up here and you'll see completing goals, events or outcomes. We want to select that as our option. You will then see select a goal. This view is a little bit different than what we had before. However, it will have our goal in it down at the bottom, contact us. I'm going to click apply and save. Now you have everything set up to trigger this goal and execute a marketing automation campaign. From it, the only thing you'll have to do now is publish your form as usual. Turn on this marketing automation campaign with the appropriate dates that you want and you will start seeing those emails going out as intended. I thank you for watching and hope to see you again.

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