Doubling Lead Generation and Increasing Sales by the Millions

Jacuzzi is the world leader in hot tub and spa manufacturing, whose digital presence is a primary source for generating leads. They rely on iterative testing to track and improve their strategies and resulting metrics. But without a reliably performing website, that becomes impossible. By moving to work with Layer One, Jacuzzi doubled its lead generation and helped its network of dealers reap a multi-million-dollar revenue increase.


Generating leads with an unreliable website

Kyle Blades is Jacuzzi’s Director of Digital Marketing. The team is accountable to Jacuzzi dealers to generate leads by creating exceptional website experiences for end customers.

Unfortunately, Jacuzzi’s previous web development firm —and the website they had created—was not helping to meet the company’s marketing goals. According to Kyle, the website had abysmal uptime, was difficult to update with new content, and needed too much attention for basic maintenance.

“We couldn’t seem to do a simple page update without breaking five other things,” Kyle says. 

But the problems ran deeper. Since Jacuzzi had such a tough time keeping the website live, Kyle says they could not effectively conduct the iterative testing it takes to constantly improve, especially the nature of lead generation. That also made a related priority, closing leads at a higher rate, difficult to address.  With these factors in mind, Jacuzzi opted to vet new web development agencies and ultimately selected Layer One.


Site stability and marketing strategies to generate and close more leads


According to Kyle, Layer One led a collaborative and carefully prioritized project: 

Stabilizing the website. Layer One stabilized Jacuzzi’s web platform by helping them move to a new server and conducting an entire code audit to identify and fix the website’s many issues. 

Performing iterative testing. Once website uptime and overall performance priorities were met, Layer One turned to on-page lead conversion as a KPI.  Layer One was great to collaborate with said Kyle, noting that “We both brought ideas to the table, and Layer One was instrumental in helping us launch and test various messages effectively.”

Helping to solve the pricing conundrum. As lead generation soared, the next big challenge was online pricing. “We’re one of the last B2C industries that don’t show prices on our websites,” explains Kyle. The concern, he says, is that doing so could hurt lead generation.  Together, Layer One and Jacuzzi developed a series of multi-variant testing models to collect and track data on leads and formulate a solution of gated pricing. “In essence, customers enter their contact info to see the pricing,” says Kyle. 

Acting as a truthful strategic partner. Kyle says the working relationship that Jacuzzi had with Layer One was crucial for success.  “Layer One didn’t just change things at our request. They thought about how one move would affect the next three moves. We absolutely needed that kind of strategic thinking.”  —Kyle Blades, Director of Digital Marketing, Jacuzzi  



With a great performing website and the various iterative testing that Jacuzzi was able to conduct, the company has been able to achieve the following:

A significant increase in on-page lead conversion. Kyle says Layer One’s support over the course of a year helped Jacuzzi increase the on-page conversion rate from just under 1% to almost 3%. 

A doubling in lead generation. The gated pricing solution that Layer One helped develop, test, and vet, says Kyle, has led to Jacuzzi doubling lead generation almost overnight—and increasing sell-throughs.

A “multi-million-dollar impact.” Kyle calls leads the “lifeblood” of Jacuzzi dealers. And with them doubling, the results have been profound. 

“That lead increase has had a corresponding multi-million-dollar impact on revenue—actually in the tens of millions. We have Layer One’s expertise to thank for that.”  —Kyle Blades, Director of Digital Marketing, Jacuzzi  

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Layer One cared about results as much as we did. Even more important than that, they helped us actually achieve the goals we set.

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—Kyle Blades, Director of Digital Marketing

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