Sitecore Releases Version 10.0!

Aug 4,2020

Both Sitecore XP & XC Version 10.0 are primarily a feature releases that include exciting new capabilities such as containers, improved marketing automation, enhancements to XConnect and the development platform along with a TON of other improvements.

XP 10 makes collecting, analyzing and acting on enhanced customer data faster for marketers, providing even deeper insights for audience segmentation to strengthen personalization capabilities across channels and grow customer loyalty. With the ability to filter analytics reports by audience segment, marketers can quickly see what content is driving engagement across different segments in order to identify personalization opportunities that can then be implemented in minutes or where targeting needs to be adjusted.

XC 10 provides brands with the foundation they need to deliver differentiated commerce experiences. The release provides more tools for brands to drive higher average order value and revenue with dynamic product bundling and new promotion capabilities. For example, using the new product bundling capability, brands can sell related and complementary products and services together at one price, driving higher order value and selling more products and services. To accelerate time-to-value and increase agility, XC 10 includes broad support for Docker, Containers and Kubernetes. By embracing these newer virtualization technologies, XC 10 can be deployed and maintained easily and quickly while giving brands more control to allocate resources dynamically based on web traffic.

“Delivering better omnichannel experiences is currently paramount to many businesses’ survival and to succeed, they need marketing and IT teams working together to meet customer needs,” said Desta Price, Executive Vice President of Product at Sitecore.


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