Clay Tablet. Connecting your CMS to any translation provider

Clay Tablet Technologies (CTT), is a Sitecore technology partner that develops connectivity software for translation systems. Clay Tablet doesn't perform the translation. It brokers the communication between a content management system and a system or organization that provides translation services. In other words, it facilitates getting content to a translation provider and then back into a content management system.

There are many benefits to this approach but put simply, you’ll get increased efficiency and increased flexibility. Clay Tablet reports that their customers have reduced the amount of time spent managing translation (again, not the translation itself, but the process before and after) by 60%. This is accomplished by eliminating the need to develop custom integration with translation providers, and by eliminating the manual processes - like copy and paste - that are tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient parts of the translation management process.

Increased flexibility results from having a content management system communicate with Clay Tablet rather than a specific translation provider. Once the content gets to Clay Tablet, Clay Tablet's routing rules determine where the content should be directed and how the content should get there. Switching from one translation provider to another becomes a simple matter of configuration in the Clay Tablet dashboard.

Layer One Media is committed to helping you meet whatever translation challenge you face through implementation. So stop cutting and pasting and start appreciating the enormous opportunities created by Clay Tablet. Take the next step and fill in the form below. We’re here to help you, let’s start the conversation.

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