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Layer One Media, Vice President of eCommerce // March 07, 2018

Driving brand loyalty with personalized B2B commerce


  • January 25th, 2018
  • 60 minutes

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B2B companies strive to build brand loyalty, not only through the value proposition of their products, but by also being “easier to do business with” than their competition. B2B companies providing personalized digital commerce experiences that emulate the high touch services provided in-person and via phone will be at a competitive advantage. Why? Because B2B buyers want more than “self-service” experiences, they want to “be serviced”.  

As a result, traditional cross-sell and up-sell personalization techniques, although important, will become less effective for typical B2B buyers that understand the purchase needs required to sustain their manufacturing operations and/or distribution channels. Personalized Digital commerce experiences are required that anticipate customer actions and proactively provide digital services that make performing their jobs “easy”. This webinar will explore pre-sales, sales and post sales personalization tactics that will make your company easier to do business with and build digital brand loyalty. 

Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) provides developers with a framework for integrating commerce. Sitecore Experience Commerce uses everything you know about your customers to deliver B2B experiences that are shaped by their interaction history and context, transforming transactions into longterm customers. Owning the experience for each unique customer, from awareness to advocacy and from one purchase to the next—that’s how you develop lifetime customer relationships.

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