Less Hype, More Action

Most Sitecore partners are honestly challenged to meet the expectations of their client (you). Do you suspect you’re not getting the value you paid for from your Partner?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You fix one thing and another part breaks
  • Your Sitecore implementation is suffering from performance issues that nobody can explain
  • You always feel detached from the actual people doing the work
  • You're upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore but don't want the same issues
  • You suspect you're working with the partner's "B-team"
  • You never know when something is going to be completed

Where do you start? 

STEP 1: Sitecore Audit - 30 days

You suspect your past vendor didn't implement correctly. Our Sitecore implementation audit allows for a cost-effective approach for evaluating and identifying issues on your under performing site.  Additionally, it gives your team a natural way to get to know us without a long term commitment.  Typically this effort requires four weeks to complete, resulting in actionable recommendations to achieve a highly functional, stable, and scalable Sitecore installation. We review:

  • Environment and hosting
  • Customizations, code structure and Modules
  • Caching strategy
  • xDB usage and setup
  • Integration

STEP 2: Stabilize

The first order of business is stomping out page performance issues and bad implementation decisions that may have been made. Clients who suspect their current vendor didn’t implement things correctly, or are struggling to meet basic performance expectations will be relieved when they can look forward, not backward.

STEP 3: Use Sitecore Automation

A digital experience platform (DXP) like Sitecore provides the capabilities to automate and use data driven campaigns to optimize conversion rates. But you knew that already, that's why you bought it! We train and prepare your teams for with an agile approach once the site(s) are stabilized. We lead by example. We know the advantages and also how to overcome the common pitfalls and hurdles. What we don't do is produce large plans and piles of documents. We are in it for the results

STEP 4: Accelerate

Once the Sitecore car is tuned and your team is educated, it's time to accelerate. We use a proven Sitecore personalization (behavior and profile based methods) to empower your website for high return investments by leveraging user data.

What our clients are saying

"Their work has significantly decreased downtime on the site. We used to run into bugs that crashed the site. That no longer happens. ... We appreciate that they don’t bend to each of our requests. If they need to push back on our decision-making, they’re ready to do so. Having a high level of direct communication and transparency has been very beneficial to us." - Director of Analytics & Research, International Sports Organization


"Layer One Media has been an exceptionally flexible partner to work with. They're able to optimize their client's product communications through customized designs. The team showcases the right balance between providing feedback and following directions. They've become a go-to resource."  -  Senior Content Marketing Specialist, Advicent


"Due to their services and new frontend features, the conversion rate increased considerably. The site rarely crashes and pages load at faster speeds, boosting SEO. Organized, the team was able to work independently when needed for the effort, gaining the client’s trust in their abilities."  -  Director of Digital Marketing, Jacuzzi Group Worldwide

Contact Us. Let's talk about the possibilities!

Advicent scalable solution on Sitecore

Advicent's Naviplan product is the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing the world’s largest financial institutions.  Layer One helps them deliver their brand to the world!

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Umbraco Site and Netsuite integration

DWS is leading distributor of weighing and measuring equipment and is regarded as one of North America’s highest certified service and repair companies.  For over a decade, Layer One has built and maintained the marketing technology that has resulted in DWS's continued growth.

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Global Multi-Brand Sitecore DXP

Nidec Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of electric motors. Their products are found in hard disk drives, electric appliances, automobiles, and commercial and manufacturing equipment. The company has the largest global market share for the tiny spindle motors that power hard disk drives. Layer One drives their entire marketing technology platform.

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The Granite Group Logo

Sitecore Content & Commerce

Ranked as one of the top 40 Plumbing, Heating and PVF Wholesale Distributors in the United States, The Granite Group looked to Layer One to create a world-class content and commerce experience for their clients.

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The Granite Group Work Image

Umbraco Marketing and Support

Jacuzzi, the most widely recognized name in whirlpool and hot tub hydrotherapy, is first and foremost an illustrious family name. Jacuzzi came to Layer One after their current partner could no longer deliver at the level they expected. Layer One began by stabilizing and improving performance. From there we added increased capabilities to enhance the customer's experience. As a result of our work, Jacuzzi has seen a significant increase in conversion rate and increased uptime. Read Jacuzzi's review here.

Global Digital Marketing partner

GE Healthcare and Layer One Media have a nearly decade long partnership advancing GE’s Global Digital Marketing initiatives. Initiatives included strategic planning, road mapping, building and designing websites on Sitecore, full optimization and strategic sales apps.

Digital Marketing Partner

For over six years, Pentair Residential Filtration tasked Layer One Media to partner with them in developing a long term, strategic digital vision. Our consultative and developmental partnership has spanned numerous initiatives including strategic road mapping, platform recommendation based on meeting business objectives, UX and design, development, responsiveness across all devices, complete optimization, the ability to track visitors, as well as drive conversion and provide ongoing support.

Global Website on Sitecore

Rite-Hite tasked Layer One Media to update its website with an eye on consolidation, a dynamic experience in dozens of languages around the globe and marketing automation. We consolidated multiple Rite-Hite websites into one unified brand story. Managing their content from all regions in all languages was made easier and more efficient.

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