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Zywave, a pioneer in developing employee benefits and property and casualty insurance software, needed a way to get the word out about their latest innovation: Broker Briefcase 6.0. Enter the Layer One Media Flash team: the group at Layer One Media created an original animation to promote Zywave's new product, describe their approach and highlight what sets them apart from their competition.


The primary challenge for this animation was to ensure the demo would be completed before the software to aid pre-launch marketing efforts. To do so, Layer One Media worked an impressive bit of Flash magic, simulating the frontend user experience of the software from a series of static images before the software was actually built.


Not only is this eye-catching animation versatile enough for use both online and in presentations, it has also been edited and assembled in such a way that re-editing and re-use of the assets during future revisions and new animations can happen easily and economically. The result is an informative, aesthetic marketing piece that can grow and adapt with the client's needs.

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