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PRESS Restaurant in St. Helena, California specializes in fine, locally sourced cuisine meant to highlight their Napa Valley-only wine collection. The third in a tasty trio of websites created for the Rudd Group, the PRESS Restaurant website brings out the flavor of Napa with elegant design, simple navigation and mouthwatering photography.


The Napa region is home to some of the most revered dining destinations on the planet. The rich soil, local food purveyors and of course the wine make it a gastronomist's dream. Our task to was differentiate PRESS is a busy market while giving them a platform for expandability and content freshness.


Short of offering website visitors a bite of ribeye through the monitor (trust us, we looked into it), the new site needed to convey the high quality of the food through visuals alone. Vivid professional photography directed and styled by Layer One achieves this to perfection.

In addition to photography of the restaurant itself, the design of the site expresses the ambience of this Napa eatery with simple architecture and a sophisticated look that lets the food take center stage.

Behind the scenes, the seasonally updated menu is easily managed via the CMS that controls all three Rudd sites, keeping the online menu as fresh as the ingredients.

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