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GE Healthcare – worldwide innovator of medical imaging, clinical solutions and patient monitoring advancements – requires equally innovative web tools to stay ahead in this brave new world of digitally-reliant healthcare. For one rapidly growing division of GE Healthcare, aligning with Layer One has been key to helping them meet patient and caregiver needs more efficiently.


Over the course of multiple completed and in-process projects, GE has relied on Layer One’s expertise to flawlessly architect complex digital tools and product offerings that in some cases impact recommendations for patient care. It’s a responsibility that’s as serious as it sounds – to both GE and to Layer One.


From games that inform and convert leads to robust online and offline tools that help their clients better understand patient care risks and solutions, we're helping GE change the competitive landscape of the healthcare industry, so they can ultimately provide improved resources for caregivers all over the world.

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We rally around the unique challenges GE brings to us. Our work with GE tends to push boundaries and that brings out our best. Stay tuned for more soon.

Jason Reimer, Layer One Media Creative Director