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Distillery No. 209 Gin is a handmade, premium spirit for those that know the difference. With a rich story and passionate following, the goal of the new site was to bring the brand to life. The second in a trio of sites crafted for Rudd Group, the website for Distillery No. 209 Gin has come a long way from a rather simple brochure site to a stunning piece of brand stroytelling. 


The goal of the new site was to engage consumers in the brand story and drive offline sales for No. 209 Gin by creating an air of mystery around the product. This is achieved with a dark, romantic, Industrial Revolution-inspired grayscale design that highlights the brand's historical legacy and depth, while the focus on the No. 209 bottle reinforces brand awareness.


The new features a orginal Layer One design, a strong brand story, a list of retailers, reviews, events and cocktail recipes for this passionately crafted spirit. Meanwhile, on the backend, a custom CMS makes quick work of managing the large collection of cocktails, mixologist bios, news, reviews and events. The new retail finder and e-commerce store for swag allows brand enthusiasts to get that much closer.

A rich, complex website managed easily even with a cocktail in hand – what more could you ask for?

Update: No. 209 Gin has been featured as a Communication Arts Webpick of the Day.

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