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Dean & DeLuca is known for turning grocery shopping into a luxury experience. What many might not know by looking at their website, however, is that they have a passion for premium California wine. To better suit this enthusiasm for great vino, Layer One created a new microsite that puts Dean & DeLuca’s unique wine collection above all else.  In addition to a lush, Napa-inspired design, this microsite is packed with features to engage visitors and ultimately sell more wine.


Layer One took on this project with the intention of creating a uniquely interactive fine wine experience, second only to attending a private wine tasting in the rolling California hills.


An interactive wine country map, navigable by region, appellation and winery, gives a real sense of place to their California-only collection of wines. The Wine Wall adds a social twist. Tapping visitors’ existing Facebook accounts, fellow wine lovers can join ongoing discussions about food and wine.

The Happenings section introduces visitors to the expert wine staff at Dean & DeLuca, illustrating that this is anything but a faceless online liquor store. Included are bios, the staff’s favorite vintages and Wine Director, Kerrin Laz’s blog. A video library showcases the fine folks operating Dean & DeLuca’s favorite wineries and vineyards, as well as Kerrin’s perspective on their offerings.

And let’s not forget the star of this show: the wines are sorted by varietal, price and food pairings, a sure way to find the perfect bottle for any occasion. Full integration with the existing Ektron e-commerce system guarantees a seamless shopping experience between the wine microsite and the main website.

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