Salesforce Pardot - Certified Partner

The next hire for your marketing department should be the Pardot Platform.

Consider adding marketing competency that never sleeps, never takes PTO and delivers quality leads continuously. Consider Pardot.

Also consider that Layer One Media will put an experienced team of B2B specialists on your implementation of Pardot skilled way beyond just e-mail sends and tracking their open click rates. We’ll streamline, automate and measure your way to increased leads and more sales.


Our Quick Start will get you up and running in 30 days. This includes platform setup such as IP warming, User Setup/Security along with accelerator e-mail and landing page templates.

The result is showing you very quickly the power of Pardot and getting you familiar with its capabilities.


Marketing Automation is opportunity. Opportunity to involve supplier partners, consumers, B2B partners, etc. Your clients go through quite a journey to get to the final sale. Track that journey, enhance it, automate it - and make it relevant. The experience you put them through needs to be top notch. We’ll help you design e-mail templates, landing pages, forms etc that are created with the end user in mind. You can’t afford to have a generic template or copy that screams amateur.


3-5% of any given company’s leads are ready to close at any given time. Companies utilizing scoring models know which ones. Identify who wants to do business with you and who YOU want to do business with - the ideal fit. You can’t send relevant content if you don’t know who the right user is.


Marketing Automation is a component of CRM. To keep adoption high, Pardot and SFDC need to work seamlessly. Load prospects digital activity as leads and contacts in CRM and not only will your close rates and revenue increase - so will the adoption of CRM.

It's morning in Marketing Automation. We can - and do - identify the customer and where he/she is in the sales journey. We create and send personalized content with strategic frequency. The Result? Greater demand, a more robust pipeline and ultimately increased revenue.

Ryan Montgomery
Strategic Accounts - Marketing Automation