Some may call this a ‘services’ page; we call it a wish list. We find inspiration in solving the tough stuff for our ambitious clients.







Digital Marketing Strategy

We can only talk about 50% of the work we do. Why? Well, we can’t tell you but suffice it to say that we’re way ‘out front’ with our clients. Whether it’s a groundbreaking product launch or a disruptive social startup, we get loose ideas spun into strategic digital plans. We will leverage a proven process and an experienced cross-functional team to understand your vision, add value and present a strategy that’s ready to be executed. Let’s talk.

Competitor & Audience Insights

We love the medium in which we work because we can see exactly what your competitors and your target customers are doing (or not doing) online – and exploit it. From SWOT studies to deep analytics reviews, we uncover areas of opportunity and then apply solutions to increase your goal metrics. Big ideas around here mean that they are based on fact and opportunity, not the latest .com or Facebook feature. Monitoring and audience research ensures that our recommendations will be friendly and accepted by your targets. Our real-world approach means they will also be accepted by you.

Technology Planning

At Layer One, we get the tough stuff walking in the door. Embedded applications, deep integration, complex workflows, challenging business rules and proprietary systems are all par for the course inside these walls. As a result, we’ve built a practice around architecting technology environments that perform and play well with each other. While we stay true to our creative-led roots, we know that our work won’t be able to do its job if it isn’t fast, secure and available - like a good car or a parachute.

The goal is for users to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Conversion Mapping

What we design and build helps our clients sell more stuff online, on phones and in-store. We take that seriously; so seriously that we build conversion plans and user behavior maps that we leverage throughout our projects to ensure we’re continually asking ourselves, “will what I’m doing right now help get customers?” Probably sounds a lot like what you ask you yourself everyday. Imagine that, a firm that thinks like you do.

Traffic, List Growth & Engagement

Insert the tree falling in the woods quirky quote here. But seriously, we all know how important it is to get eyeballs on your content and grow your audience base. A ‘tweet’, a ‘like’, a ‘pin’, a signup or a comment is valuable but what is the strategy behind it and how does that engagement map to your metrics? We will identify tactics to align with your goals around audience engagement and refine it. Rinse and repeat.

Digital Marketing Strategy
We love design.
We design user experiences to be people-shaped, people-scaled and people-friendly.

Actionable Ideas

There's legitimate question about the value of big ideas - and for good reason. Ideas are easy, ideas that work are not. We work collaboratively with out clients to ensure our ideas are actionable. We produce ideas and strategies that are on-brand, on-budget and aligned with your targets in a meaningful, trackable way. Ah, reality.

Bespoke Design

Our designs are the opposite of expected, eye-candy-covered templates. Whether we're organizing an intricate user interface, debating ways to visualize complex data or are knee-deep in creating elegant experiences, our designs are engineered to solve problems and influence your audience.

Brand Storytelling

Your uncle has a story about hernia stitches, but unlike him, you have a story people actually want to hear - your brand story. We can help you share it and create a lasting, personal impression with your audience. On the web it's not the fittest that survive, but the most relevant and differentiated.

User-centered Experiences

We design user experiences to be people-shaped, people-scaled and people-friendly. The goal is for users to know exactly what to do and how to do it. Whether that means buying shoes or connecting with your brand on a social site, we want your customers to feel empowered, not handled.

Audience Activation

If you work with us, the first question we’ll ask you is how your business makes money. This is our bogie and it stays at the front of our brains through every wireframe and each layer of Photoshop. You need your targets to convert, engage and come back for more. We don’t lose sight of what matters most.

Ask us about all the times we were told integration wasn’t possible and we will show you the working examples.

Code Craftsmanship

Our ever-expanding code library contains over 1,000,000 lines of code serving websites to millions of visitors every month. Just like our code base, our developers are hardcore, reliable and flexible using their code to address business challenges and add value to our clients. They love being told that something isn't possible. We'll see about that.

Code Craftsmanship

Disruptive Innovation

Here, code isn't a commodity or an afterthought; it is at the core of what makes us different. Our development team engages with our clients at the very first meeting. Why? To look for early ways to push the limits and innovate. Also, we like for them to go outdoors from time to time.

E-Commerce Excellence

A website that is the functional core of your revenue deserves the attention of a firm just as focused. Our pillars of any transactional site are security and stability. From there we use technology to shorten the path to conversion and support the user experience plan.

Systems Integration

Making complex web systems seamlessly integrate with the back of the house is what separates the men from the boys. Boys don't last long here because we believe in making tough connections possible and using code to ditch the double work. Ask us about all the times we were told integration wasn't possible and we will show you the working examples.

Management Platforms

From content management systems and business intelligence tools to community platforms and analytics packages, we develop custom web solutions on top of existing platforms for the best of both worlds. We pick the right tool for the job and if it isn't right, we code it until it screams Uncle.

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