Sitecore done differently

Most Sitecore partners are honestly challenged to meet the expectations of their client (you). Do you suspect you’re not getting the value you paid for from your Partner? Are you receiving complaints from customers and your marketing team?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You fix one thing and another part breaks
  • Your Sitecore implementation is suffering from performance issues that nobody can explain
  • You always feel detached from the actual people doing the work
  • You're upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore but don't want the same issues
  • You suspect you're working with the partner's "B-team"
  • You never know when something is going to be completed

There’s a better way with the right partner:

  • We bring the "A-team" of speciality Sitecore software developers
  • We work hand-in-hand with your team
  • We use monthly feedback loops with our account team for dial in your satisfaction
  • We never send black boxes. Training is available at all steps in our delivery for ongoing enrichment of your team
  • Our Product Owners and entire team are highly experienced in Sitecore
  • As a Sitecore partner with deep technical talent, your site stability and performance is never taken for granted
  • Our Net Promotor Score is 95%


What are clients are saying in 2020:

"Their work has significantly decreased downtime on the site. We used to run into bugs that crashed the site. That no longer happens. ... We appreciate that they don’t bend to each of our requests. If they need to push back on our decision-making, they’re ready to do so. Having a high level of direct communication and transparency has been very beneficial to us." - Director of Analytics & Research, International Sports Organization


"Layer One Media has been an exceptionally flexible partner to work with. They're able to optimize their client's product communications through customized designs. The team showcases the right balance between providing feedback and following directions. They've become a go-to resource."  -  Senior Content Marketing Specialist, Advicent


"Due to their services and new frontend features, the conversion rate increased considerably. The site rarely crashes and pages load at faster speeds, boosting SEO. Organized, the team was able to work independently when needed for the effort, gaining the client’s trust in their abilities."  -  Director of Digital Marketing, Jacuzzi Group Worldwide

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